Buymee is an online classified platform that facilitates the exchange of products and services between buyers and sellers in a variety of categories.

People over the age of 18 from Nepal or elsewhere who want to sell in Nepal can post an ad on Buymee as long as they follow our terms of service and ad posting guidelines.

No you can not. Before you can post your ad, you must first register. Registration is a straightforward procedure that can be completed by following the instructions on our website.

Users are free to post as many ads as they want as long as they stick to our ad posting guidelines. Different Ads may be posted in the same or different categories. Each ad may have up to 5 images, each no more than 5MB in size and in the .jpg, .jpeg, and.png formats.

Yes, we strongly advise sellers to label their ads as sold after the product has been sold. If you don't, other users can contact you about it, which is inconvenient for both you and them. Once an ad has been marked as sold, the listing will have a simple "SOLD" marking on it.